Crunchy Rice Roll

Taste gluttonous flavors without sinful calories. Made without oil, this rice is “popped” in high pressure, never fried or toasted. All Natural, Vegan, and Gluten free.
Toasted coconut chips

So we hand-carve long slices from whole coconuts to absolute perfection. Then it gets toasted to perfection with its own oil while in the oven and some sprinkles of sugar as a final touch. Naturally gluten free, high in fiber and minerals as much as an apple.
Very Vera Aloe Juice Drink

There are countless of aloe drinks out in the market, but never like this; 30% aloe pulp content inside each bottle maximizes health benefits to be reaped! It’s indeed Very Vera.
Instant honey ginger tea

We add ingredients like honey and ginger, mix and pulverize them and extrude them into pellets that are dried like an essence. Just add water, and you are able to enjoy all.
Probiotic Kimchi

Authentic Korean flavors made with aged Shiitake mushrooms for deeper flavor. and all of the probiotics. Contains Lactobacillus, Leconostoc, & Weissella.